Severe Thunderstorm Risk Map For September 4th, 2017 #onstorm


Yellow = Elevated (2/5) risk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon/evening Green = Low (1/5) risk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon/evening

A line of thunderstorms, several likely to be severe will push southeast through our region this afternoon/evening.

Damaging wind gusts are the most serious threat (downbursts/microbursts), along with flooding, hail and frequent lightning. There'a also a risk for a tornado or two, especially in deep southwestern Ontario, in areas north of Lake Erie. Latest data suggests if there is a tornado, it could be fairly strong and we'll be watching very closely this afternoon.

We may upgrade extreme southwestern Ontario and areas north of Lake Erie, and perhaps as far north as London to a Strong (3/5 Orange) risk later this afternoon. We're on the fence at this point but if we feel the risk continues to trend stronger, we will adjust the forecast accordingly.

More details ASAP.

P.S. We've got our coffee & banana's ready! :)