Adam S.

Founder and Director

On April 18th, 2013, Adam came face to face with a EF-1 tornado (175km/h wind speeds) while storm chasing near Melancthon, ON that launched a 7,500 square foot commercial horse stable roof at his vehicle. Thankfully, Adam escaped without injury and met up with Adam Clarke and Dave Patrick for the first time at the damage site. Adam invited Clarke and Patrick to join a new Facebook page he had the idea to start called "Ontario Tornado Watch". At the end of 2013, Skinner launched a weather technology company and successful Indiegogo app campaign called Tornado GPS. The app evolved into the fastest severe weather Text Message Alerts in Canada and that same system now powers Instant Weather.


Adam C.

Co-founder of OTW

Adam was one of the founders of Ontario Tornado Watch, he is a programmer and he is also an avid storm spotter reporting what the storm is doing on the ground so alerts can be more detailed and accurate.  


De B.

Alberta Moderator



Suzanne P.

Lead Content Creator

Suzanne P. has been a Content Creator and Editor for IW since 2017. Her love and fascination for severe weather stems back to her childhood while living in Calgary, AB at the time of the devastating July 31, 1987, Edmonton, AB  'Black Friday' tornado.

Although her background and education are in marketing and communications, she still manages to find a way to make everything about weather. Her interests include severe weather and tornadoes, photography and music. 

Her favourite weather/photography/storm chaser personalities are Jim Cantore, Sean Schofer, Reed Timmer, Jeff Piotrowski, Justin Hobson, Ryan Wunsch and Dick McGowan.


Jake C.

Digital Media Lead

Jake joined our team in late 2017 as a graphic designer. Since then he has taken on the role of Digital Media Lead, which means he creates most graphics you see on the pages, edits our videos, and manages our website. Jake also creates and updates all of the banners on the pages each season change.

In his free time, Jake enjoys watching cat videos and producing television with his local YourTV (a division of Cogeco) station where he also volunteers.


Jennifer F.

Content Creation (On Air Personality)

Jennifer loves to connect with people over something we Canadians love to talk about, the weather. It effects us all, our moods, our routines, our health, our lives. Jennifer reported the weather for CTV for 15 years and loves to share all the information people need to plan and enjoy everyday. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling and oh ya, like all Canadians, talking about the weather.



Brennen P.

Lead Forecaster, Content Creator, Administration


Alannah C.

Forecaster, Content Creator, Administration

Alannah joined our team at Instant Weather in August 2017 as a Forecaster. Although she is based in Ontario, she creates custom forecasts for Newfoundland and Alberta. On top of forecasting, Alannah has an active role in Content Creation and Business Operations.

Her love for weather started at a young age when she began researching severe weather in order to overcome her childhood fear of thunderstorms. That fear quickly turned into fascination for all types of meteorological and geological natural disasters.

Alannah received her Bachelor's Degree in Earth & Atmospheric Science from the University of Guelph in 2014 and she is currently in her first year at Mississippi State University for the Broadcast and Operational Meteorology program.

Andrew M.

Storm Chaser

Andrew, who joined the team in 2018 as a storm chaser, is dedicated to providing video documentation of severe weather in southern Ontario. In 2015, he participated in a storm chasing tour of Tornado Alley, where he was fortunate to witness a pair of EF-2 tornadoes in Texas. From this moment onward, he has diligently learned about severe weather to fuel his ultimate passion of chasing the Great Lakes region.


Harry S.

Forecaster, Storm Chaser

Jordan C.

Forecaster, Storm Chaser

Joining the team in 2019 as a Storm Chaser/Forecaster Jordan has had a Passion for weather since he was a kid, and him and his father would go for drives to watch storms develop over Lake Manitoba, when Jordan was 16 he got his drivers license, and instantly began pursuing his passion of Storm Chasing. That same summer, Canadas first F5 tornado struck the town of Elie, MB. Although he missed the tornado, he did see the damage. Since then he has dedicated his life to bringing earlier warning times, and accurate reports from within the storm.

Jordan enjoys spending his spare time with his kids, watching movies, and playing Guitar.

Mike S.


Mike joined the team of PEI Blizzard Watch in the fall of 2015.  After having witnessed the F4 tornado that went through Woodstock, Ontario in August 1979, he has been fascinated with extreme weather. 

Growing up and living in Southern Ontario until the mid 90’s, his love for thunderstorms grew greater.  

In the late 90’s, Mike moved to Atlantic Canada.  After experiencing a few winters in Moncton, New Brunswick, he moved with his family to start a job at a transportation company in Prince Edward Island. 

With thunderstorms not as prominent in Atlantic Canada, his love turned toward Nor Easter’s and extreme winter weather systems. 

As a forecaster for the three Atlantic Canada pages, he has loved the ability to watch the weather and provide information to those who like the pages. 

Team Pic.png

Devon C.


Devon joined Instant Weather in January 2018 as a forecaster and storm chaser. Based out of Barrie, he was one of the first to report the Lucan tornado in July 2017 and has been fascinated by weather since an early age.

One of his fondest memories is sitting in his garage with his father, watching the skies as thunderstorms went by. Devon is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Atmospheric Science along with a Diploma in Meteorology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS.


Andrew R.



Dominic G.


Jong K.




Lesley T.


Lesley joined the Instant Weather team as a Moderator in the summer of 2017. While she was always fascinated by the weather, having been in the Edmonton area during the Black Friday tornado of July 31, 1987, only helped to fuel her passion for learning about severe weather.  

Over the years, Lesley has participated in a local TV station’s GroundForce team and has recently become Skywarn Certified, all so she can update people when severe weather is on its way…and is very excited to do so now with IWC followers!

Her hobbies include photography, storm chasing and off-roading in her trusty Jeep, working through MetED courses to learn even more about amazing world of meteorology, and of course spending time with her very understanding husband (especially during storm season) and three crazy cats.

Sabrina Z.